Demand for Freelancers is booming, here´s why [reading]

Remote working, Freelancers, gig economy, this article has all the keywords ! With the world becoming networked, organisations of any size and scale can attract the best talent from across the globe Here’s why freelancers are in great demand     [reading] is a serie of posts offering a selection of interesting articles we

Happiness at work is not a trend [reading]

Happiness at work is not a trend, it’s a key component to your company success. (article in Spanish)   ¿Tu empresa no tiene departamento de felicidad? cc @myhappyforce   [reading] is a serie of posts offering a selection of interesting articles we share with our readers.

Fast-Company is voting against CoWorkation [reading]

The well-known magazine is finally concluding the whole concept of mixing holidays with work is not working. What’s your opinion ? The idea of mixing work and travel isn’t a bad one. But co-working with fellow “digital nomads” on a grown-up version of summer camp sounds like a nightmare. The Co-Workation: The Latest Way To Annihilate

Flexibility is about trust, and without trust, nothing is possible [reading]

Nailed. However, the important thing to note is that flexible working does not simply refer to where you work (i.e. Home or office) but also when and how you work. “If you can’t trust your employees to work flexibly, why hire them in the first place?”   [reading] is a serie of posts offering a selection of interesting

How Automatic nailed the remote way of work [reading]

From the best remote team in the world, Automattic, the tools to do it right via @qz With a staff of 450 spread over 45 countries, Automattic is often regarded as one of the largest and most successful examples of a fully distributed workforce. “I used to be very conflicted,” says CEO Matt Mullenweg. “All

Flexibility is key for employees’ happiness [reading]

Boom. Happiness, flexibility, employee empowerment. 35% of employees rate flexibility as a key factor to improving their happiness with their jobs. The boundaries between work and life are more blurred than ever, and employees are looking for ways to blend the two and get the most done.   4 Ways to Invest in Employee Happiness