Our CEO’s interview on Kenjo’s blog: what the future of offices will be like?

At Kenjo, we always try to connect with the most innovative companies and those who can spot trends and incorporate them in record time. We interviewed Julien Palier, CEO of Daysk, to get his take on the times we’re living in. His vision of fluid offices may be particularly interesting for those who are trying to adapt their offices to the new normal.

A quick glimpse:

How can DAYSK help prepare offices for the new normal?

In the short term, by offering security to manage and facilitate the return to offices. In the medium term, by supporting companies in the transformation process towards a more distributed model with multiple places of work. For example, we see that many companies are starting with a gradual return to the office. These include remote working, something which is here to stay.

In the short term, our technology enables companies to control the seating capacity and social distancing; offer alternatives to working from home with access to a network of coworking spaces. You can do all this in a single integrated reservation system for rooms and offices.

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