Get more from your space

The complete space toolbox for flex offices, coworkings, innovation hubs, science parks


How it works

Your space, in auto-pilot

Smart management tools to automate everything: internal and external bookings and payments. Get more sales, less work.

Build a thriving community

Create user profiles and privileges, manage events and foster networking with our profile matching and chat tools.

Integrations at scale

Connect to your hardware and software setup, from Mailchimp to Eventbrite, your CRM, smartlocks and IoT stuff. Our tech is open.

Browse our success cases

Case studies such as these inspire and motivate us. See how businesses similar to yours are growing with Daysk.

Barcelona Health Hub

Barcelona Health Hub

Barcelona Health Hub chose Daysk to build a thriving ecosystem of start-ups and corporates located in the emblematic modernist Recinte Sant Pau. Discover why.

Boost your Community

Boost your Community

Discover how XPCAT, PRBB and Daysk are boosting knowledge transfer and networking opportunities through smart spaces & community management.

Barrabes Next Growth space

Barrabes Next Growth space

From shared office to hosting innovation labs, learn how Barrabes streamlined its daily operations with Daysk, while developing impacting synergies with its customers.

“Daysk helped us implement smart space & community management in no time by enabling us to focus on the real important jobs, while freeing us from daily operations. Now we are exploring how to grow the network and make more external partners and companies join in.”

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