About Us

Daysk is changing the way people work and live by making buildings more connected.

We help people connect and work with more flexibility, enabling more business opportunities, better access to networking, events and services. Working remote means less commute time, fewer cars on the roads, more time with family and friends.

For landlords, it’s a turn-key solution to deploy new services, improve assets attractiveness and ROI.
For companies, it’s an opportunity to boost happiness at work, deploy flex policies and boost productivity.
For local communities, it’s a chance to increase business connexions and promote sustainable local business activities.

Our vision of the future is flex

At Daysk we are convinced more spaces will switch to flex, offering what is called a “hybrid” offering of services.

Offices now have shared spaces, gyms and coffee. Cafés are converting to local coworking places, while flagship stores are now also considered as great channels to build a community of customers.

Accessing seamlessly all these areas is a challenge technology can solve, helping to reshape our cities and the way we live. Where do you want to work today? What will you learn?

Meet our founders

Benoit Gilloz

Co-founder & CEO/CTO

Joan Mitjans

Growth Manager

Join our team

We’re committed to changing the way we work and live. So working at Daysk is joining a team full of talents with open minds, committed to having an impact on people’s daily lives.

Our main office is based in Barcelona but we are open to remote work options (seriously ☺). Our team is international, with a mix of French, Italian, Brazil and Catalan.

Check our Career section to find open positions.
Don’t find what would suit you best? Reach out anyway, there are always opportunities that have not yet been published.

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