Daysk is an online platform (app & web) through which professionals can find and book office space and meeting rooms easily.

We offer a network of curated spaces and a simplified management solution. Users can find and book with a few taps, spaces can manage orders seamlessly via their Dashboard. Billing is automatic, online.

By 2020, 50% of professionals will work remote. In the United States, 30% of the workforce is already freelance. In Europe, 16% of active people are working outside an office, permanently or more than twice a week.

Working remote means less commute time, fewer cars on the roads, more time with your family and friends. For companies, it’s an opportunity to boost happiness at work and productivity while reducing fixed costs. For local communities, it’s a chance to increase business connexions and sustainable local business centers. By promoting mobility, we want to help people connect and share knowledge while improving their day-to-day.

About the Company, its history

The idea started buzzing in our heads in 2015. Julien was a freelance consultant in need of meeting rooms and offices on-demand inbetween clients visits. Ben was working remote for a tech start-up in Cordoba and felt like he needed to get out of home but with flexibility. Not full time coworking. We got together to built a prototype and tested the idea of an app that could aggregate desks and with an easy booking feature, Uber style.

During the summer, the test proved to be positive enough to decide to start full time on the project, and we started in september 2016. At the end of 2016 we delivered our first bookings through the app. We worked full speed in the beginning of 2017, and are right now expanding over Spain.


Benoit Gilloz

Benoit Gilloz

Cofounder & CTO

Addicted climber, expert in tech, Front-end and Javascript development. Ben lived in Manchester before moving to Barcelona and working at Softonic, where he met his co-founder. Ben is also a coach at Le Wagon and is the men creating the magic that makes Daysk smarter everyday. (linkedin)

Julien Palier

Julien Palier

Cofounder & CEO

Addicted runner, Julien was a TV journalist, editor in Chief in France then move to Barcelona to work at where he became VP Editorial. He also ended up doing an MBA in IESE. He’s an enthusiast of remote work and has been working since 2015 to bring this idea to life: help people be productive anywhere. (linkedin)

We met at our former company (100 MAU in 2015). We worked together in one big tech project together for more than 2 years: rebuilding from scratch the internal CMS, used by our team of 75 editors in 10 languages, and managing a database of 160.000 product reviews. In parallel we also worked together on various side projects before launching Daysk. We’re both French, working in Barcelona, passionate about outdoors, trekking, sport, tech.

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