SUCCESS CASE: How Barrabes solved its daily operations headache with Daysk

With Daysk, the Barrabes Growth Space team was able to create a single tool that allowed them to easily manage their space and community of members seamlessly. They saved hundreds of hours, improved occupation rates and monetized better their space.

Now more professionals are coming in, making the Barrabes’ HQ a central piece in their strategy without compromising on their day to day activities.


The Daysk solution puts your space in auto-pilot, freeing every manager from dumb operations such as confirming bookings, or managing room conflicts. Rooms availability is accessible in real time on mobile and desktop, while extra payments are managed internally.

Giorgia Corrias, Space Manager, confirms, “thanks to Daysk’s flexibility and scalability, we quickly got rid of any redundant tasks. I saved more than 25% of my time thanks to the solution. In addition to this, Daysk offers another key advantage: user and company managements, so everyone can be connected to our space.”


Daysk SaaS solution offers a simple and scalable approach to any deployment, be it for a limited community of 100 people or a solid network of more than 3000 members. Our 3 steps approach helps you define the spaces to be shared (meeting rooms and desks units), the rules to be applied to certains groups of members.

Barrabes used this approach to launch in less than a week, once the definition was set, sending invitations to all key members in their community, who in return took care of creating their company profiles and inviting their own employees. The whole system was fully operational less than 7 days after the first account was created.


Following this initial step, Barrabes is now extending its HUB ambition by joining forces with other corporates, connecting to other HUBs: another feature enabled by Daysk.

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