SUCCESS CASE: How XPCAT, PRBB and Daysk are boosting knowledge transfer and networking opportunities through smart spaces & community management.

By providing a simple space management tool (smart management of booking for workspaces, user access rights and community building tools), PRBB was able with Daysk to build a network of spaces and users that goes beyond facility management, successfully connecting together other centers and their communities while creating a dynamic network of digital hubs.


The solution provided, app & web, not only is improving the room management operations, saving time for the facility team, but is also fostering better utilization of the spaces and increasing networking activities between professionals.

Implemented at scale, this solution offer a simple to deploy digital toolset to connect all parks together, ultimately strengthening the vision of IASP, to be the global network for science parks and areas of innovation, and to drive growth, internationalisation and effectiveness for members.


This project started by analysing the needs of science parks in terms of shared space management and the privileges of the resident communities, as well as the commercialization for external organizations.

Different organizations coexist in science parks, from companies, startups, research organizations to management and administrative staff, university departments, and more, creating various types of communities having various rights or privileges to access the shared spaces. Furthermore, communities can have their own workspace(s), including shared spaces, just for their members, while other spaces are shared by all or part of the members of the different communities within the science park.

Specifically, we have faced this reality in the PRBB (The Barcelona Biomedical Research Park) where we can find 6 research centers (IMIM, CEXS-UPF, CRG, EMBL Barcelona, ISGlobal, IBE (UPF-CSIC)) and the institute IRAB, where members have exclusive rights to use meeting rooms and similar spaces located inside those centers.

But at the same time, the PRBB offers facilities like the Auditorium, and several other halls and meeting rooms shared with all the members of those research centers, plus the management and administrative staff, with specific booking rights or discounts. Additionally, these common spaces can also be rented to external organizations based on synergies with PRBB’s main purposes.


1. Proven

– Increased efficiency in space management.

– Increased occupation (external bookings).

– Increased dynamization of spaces & communities.

– Higher efficiency, time saved on facility management.

Similar results achieved in 2018 in the incubator “Barrabes Growth Space” in Madrid showed a 25% time saved on daily space management operations and a 50% increase in occupation after 3 months.

2. Expected

– Network effect between scientific parks.

– Better knowledge transfer through networking.
– Increased involvement of partners and external firms through simpler access to spaces.

As Daysk tools are open and allow the centers to invite external users (through specific access rights), we foresee an increase in occupation and networking from external companies, and by such a greater flow of professionals connecting with the local community, through bookings of workspaces and events.

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