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The TBS Education – Barcelona Challenge

TBS Education has opened its new campus in 22@, the benchmark district for innovation, technology and entrepreneurship in the city of Barcelona.

The new project, with more than 8,000m2 and seven floors, doubles the capacity of previous centres with the challenge of accommodating up to 1,100 students and a very clear objective: to give their students the possibility of reserving any space that was available in the centre.

With its sights set on the LEED Platinum and Well certifications, TBS has made a strong investment in innovation and technology, reinforcing its development strategy at a global level.

On this new campus, the challenge takes on a new dimension by combining cutting-edge technology such as the Schneider BMS that regulates the building’s home automation seeking efficiency and maximum comfort for its users, Zumtobel that controls lighting and automated blinds, and Zoom Rooms in all classrooms.

“An important point was that the space reservation service communicated with the building’s Access Management system to be able to access the room through the device installed on the door. For this we needed to have a provider whose solution was robust, reliable , intuitive for the user, that could do this type of communication in real-time and that would allow integration with suppliers or external solutions.”

Technology Manager – CTO



The Development

Development started early in the project when it was still in the creation phase.

In the first phase, Daysk was implemented in the previous, much smaller campus and thus it was possible to test integrations with existing tools and be ready to integrate the new technologies that would be added to the new project.

After this initial test, project’s meetings started to surface the specific needs of the building and all the information was centralised to have a record of the process and common planning.

After collecting this feedback, all the information was transformed into technical tasks to share with the development team.

During the development process, different possible approaches were identified and all were contrasted with the client in followup meetings.

Daysk developed its API connection and released new features such as the possibility to reserve parking spaces in the building.

Prior to the campus opening, Daysk was also actively involved in testing integrations with Microsoft Azure Single Sign On and assisting in supporting the launch of upcoming service integrations.

“Daysk has not only allowed all this in an easy and fast way, but has also shown a closeness that few providers offer, with follow-up meetings where they collected and attended to the new needs that were arising in TBS, developing and deploying them in production with quality.”

Technology Manager – CTO


The Results

Integration with access management through Daysk APIs
Enabling access to users of the building and their reserved rooms
Synchronization with the Lesson Planning software
Synchronization with the screens outside the classrooms and rooms showing reservations and availability during the day
Average of 300 students per day, reaching peaks of 600 students plus 40 staff, and 40 teachers
Management capacity of up to 1500 students

TBS Education wanted to offer its students the possibility of managing their own reservations in a simple and flexible way, and thanks to Daysk, all students are connected and can manage their classes and reservations at any time, wherever they are.

“The new building and the new technologies and uses that are in it are going to bring us new challenges, in terms of availability of spaces and services, but now we know that with Daysk we have the strength of a provider that responds effectively to these challenges.”

Technology Manager – CTO

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