Why you should spend some time out of the office

The Washington Post published an article saying long seating hours in your office chair are killing you, more than smoking (link). Even amazon is reducing time in the office, cutting the weekly hours to just 30 (link).

So. Why not try something new ?

Get out of the Headquarters and crash into a coworking spaces. We guarantee you’ll get a blast. Not convinced? here is a list of real stuff we’ve personally experienced.

Get fresh air

…as we say. Office is Toxic. Sometimes it’s the people, sometimes it’s the long hours seated, sometimes it’s the air, lack of light or whatever. In Barcelona, one company had to move all their employee because the building was making them sick.

So make a list of mandatory features you want your office to have, and check what’s in town that can deliver. You’ll be surprise to see how many coworkings will match your criteria.

Meet new faces

Hello Roger, Hi Marta. Same people, everyday. Your colleagues might be the nicest people on earth, they will still be themselves tomorrow.

How stimulating is that? Coworkings offer vivid communities to meet new people on a daily basis. Either new coworkers coming along or people networking in evening events. You never know who you’ll meet the next day. (Obviously you have to have a open-mind to really enjoy it!)

Coworkings offer vivid communities to meet new people on a daily basis

Get inspired

The great thing about being in a place where you have so many people doing so many different things is that you get to discover something everyday.

“Are you really making a living by selling refurnished wood structure that you changed in furniture to companies” is actually something we heard during a coffee break.

This is a boost for your confidence (yes, you can be creative, and yes you can make a living out of it!), it’s a boost in creativity too, as you start connecting new dots that will bring new project ideas and collaborations.

Out of the office = out of the box

Struggling with a project at work. Get out and breathe. Book a meeting room in a coworking for a day, or disconnect and come spend a week here. You’ll get a different rhythm. Your working schedule will be different, changing place will hack your mind and put you in a different mood. The environment will inspire you, and you might even meet new faces that will help you solve your problems.

Make business without knowing it

It’s all about connecting people. You’re working on an App and you’ll meet a UX expert with some great background on exactly your business, and you did not even have to scout for her. You’re discussing your stuff with new faces and someone recommends you another profile. It happens in-house, but by going out of the office, you stretch the possibilities way beyond your own existing circle of contacts, making yourself more visible at the same time.

Less interruptions, more productivity

Go and get “in the zone”. People at work know you. They know where you are, they know you’ll be answering their needs right on the spot. We do it all the time. Escape. Find the place you feel cozy and inspired. And spend the day there to get stuff done.

Personnaly I love to spend the Friday mornings in a coworking-coffee place. And Monday mornings too. These two mornings are my hack sessions. To close the week and to get a fresh start. No disturbance means I can get in three hours the equivalent of a full day of activity.



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