We offer 3 ways to search for the best space for you.

1) Slider

That’s the easiest and fastest way. When opening the App, the home screen will automatically load the closest spaces available near you now.

From there you can swipe to the right to discover the spaces and tap on the one you want to check further, and open the Space page.


2) Map

The map view is available through the link on the top menu of the App. It’s the fastest way to see all the spaces near you from a visual perspective. It is also really handy when you have to plan your next move, checking on spaces closer to another destination.

Tap on any tag to open a short pop-up description of the selected space. Tap again to open the Space page


3) List

Sometimes it’s good to have a good old list. So here it is.

Spaces are organised by distance. The closest shows first. Tap on any space in the list to get to the space page


4) Search

We also propose a search engine accessible via the home screen. Enter any location and we’ll show a list of results on the map view connected with the search terms.


Now that you know how to find the perfect spot to work from, go to How to book in order to check on the next step in your journey with Daysk.

IMPORTANT: We recommend you activate the Geolocalization option from your phone settings for Daysk in order to get the best results. Without Geoloc, the App will load a list of space by alphabetical order.