Hi! Welcome to our step by step guide to your space activation!
It should be really quick and easy. But if you have any doubt you can shoot us an email here: [email protected]

Step 1 – Create your profile

The first step is to create an account from which you’ll manage your space datas and booking requests. Go to the signing page here and just follow the registration process.

We recommend you to create a “user account” that can be shareable between the space managers. So pick an email like “[email protected]” rather than “[email protected]”. We will write back to this email to be sure you are the space owner. No tricks!

By creating this “admin” user, you will accept the Terms & Conditions, and be ready to work with us.

Step 2 – Fill in the details of your space

Once your space is created, you should be redirected to the space management dashboard.

You will be asked to fill in different section of the space profile until you reach at least 70% completion. Once there you will be able to submit your space for approval.

Step 3 – Space management

Once your space has been approved you will receive a confirmation email and your space will be open for bookings. After publication you can still edit the different sections of the profile, add more picture etc. To have to best chances of getting bookings try to reach the 100% completion mark. This is a sign of a great and vibrant space and that’s what users are looking for.

Want to know more about how to manage your space? Head over here.

Step 4 – Make it work

You can promote your page on social medias and other place you think are adequate. Within the Dashboard, you’ll see the option to activate “Stock Management” which allows you to define calendars for desks and meeting rooms, making the booking system semi-automatic.

Remember you will receive all booking requests on the email you have defined in your user profile.

Have a nice Daysk!