Once you’ve claimed your space (see here), you can change and update any information you want, and create Desks and Meeting Rooms to start offering booking and availability information to users.

Access your private dashboard

To access the dashboard you first need to be logged into an account that has administration privileges of a space. The dashboard page is located here.

If you are the owner of more than one space in Daysk, you can select which space you are managing from the top left dropdown menu.

Edit information

Click the EDIT button under the name of the space in the banner at the top of the dashboard. This will lead you to the form with all the data about the space.

Important: to get paid you will need to add your business details. Without this we cannot pay you at the end of the month.

Once set, click the save button. You’re done! The change should be instantaneous and visible online to all users. You can edit your space’s information as many times as you need.

Add desks and meeting rooms

To allow users to book desks or meeting rooms through the app you need to create each unit you have in your space.

Important: once you have claimed your space the prices users will see are the prices you put in your units. If you do not create at least one meeting room users will not be able to book this type of unit and meeting room prices will not be displayed. By default a desk is created with the prices you entered when creating your space.

In the Space Availability section you will see a button to add a new desk / meeting room.

Each unit has some dedicated information. Both desks and meeting rooms can have a picture, a name, a description and the different prices for each period. Meeting rooms also have a set of features that can be marked, like projector, pen & paper, etc.

After clicking add, you will see the unit appearing in the list, with its calendar of reservations for the next 7 days

Desks and meeting room availability slots are automatically filled in when you accept a booking. You can also manually set a slot as unavailable (ie for internal booking) by clicking it. Daysk bookings appear in pink while internal ones in dark blue.

You can set priority numbers to each unit. Bookings will go first to lower numbers. You can for example use the same priority number for desks on a specific floor, or for you “flex” area.