Receiving and answering a booking request

We offer various time frame options to our users for booking:

  • a morning
  • an afternoon
  • a full day

for the following 7 days, excluding weekends.

Depending on the hour, the platform will automatically discriminate the available options and shows only the possible ones. In three taps the user can select the day and time then enter her payment details and send you a booking request.

The request is sent to you via email, to the email address you have defined in your user profile and as a desktop notification if you are using Google Chrome.

Open your email, click on the button to check the request. You will be sent back to your Space page to manage it. In your dashboard you will see the list of pending bookings and accepted booking.


  • a user cannot book without a profile created. This way you always know the identity of the user beforehand.
  • We process the payment only when you accept a booking.
  • It is not yet possible to contact directly users or hace access to their contact information. This feature is on our Backlog and will be implemented soon !