Remember that you have to be registered in order to be able to book. So the first step is to create your profile to get going. See here to know how to create your profile in Daysk.

1) Which space can I book ?

The space that have activated booking are identified in pink in the map view. They also show first in the slider view on the home screen and in the list view, if they are close enough.

Booking info

Are you visiting a space that has not activated the booking system yet? Feel free to talk to the owner to get him in, it’s free!

2) How to book

We offer various time frame options:

  • a morning
  • an afternoon
  • a full day

for the seven following days, excluding weekends. Depending on the hour, the platform will automatically discriminate the available options and shows only the possible ones.

It is a 3 steps process: Open booking and select day and time, add payment info, confirm.

Once validated, the request is sent via email to the owner. As soon as the owner has approved your request, you will receive a confirmation email. In the same way, your will be notified by email if the booking is refused.

Now that your desk is booked, get there with the map indications on the space page and enjoy your session there !