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  • Cost saving for each employee
  • Boost in productivity
  • 200+ spaces available

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Booking data, in real time

Booking data, in real time

With your business account you get a clear view of what you spend every month, what kind of needs your team has and who is using the service the most

Easy management for small & big teams

Easy management for small & big teams

You can add and remove people to your account at any time. Manually invite a few selected profiles or upload an Excel spreadsheet with the whole company.

Centralize payment methods

Centralize payment methods

Allow specific teams to use a company's credit card or apply more control with credits on a per-employee basis. Or a mix of both!

“Whenever we need to find a meeting room quickly it gives us plenty of options and we’ve been really pleased with the places that we’ve used. We’ll definitely keep using Daysk in the future.”

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Starter Kit

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Pay as you go

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Pay as you go accounts are free forever, with no hidden fees, plus you can buy packs anytime you want.

  • Manage your team and payments
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Best savings come in bulk

Buy packs and get discounts on bookings. Our packs can be used by all your team, in addition to registered credit cards or our credits system. They are valid forever.


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20 bookings

1 Booking = half day desk or 1h meeting room. Prices are excluding VAT.

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