Some more reasons to go remote [reading]

We’re not the only one saying it! remote working makes you happier   For companies, working remotely can help reduce costs, increase productivity, and boost employee well-being. For workers, the option to avoid stifling commutes, bland cubicles and ineffective meetings are becoming much more attractive and preferred by young employees.   4 Reasons Why Smart Companies Are

Flexible work is the future employees are waiting for [reading]

Another article – in Spanish – talking about flexibility at work and how it’s the future for employees. Para muchos de estos nuevos trabajadores su principal objetivo será ganar independencia y romper las relaciones laborales, tener más flexibilidad para el aprendizaje y asumir la responsabilidad de su propia biografía laboral.   El trabajo flexible cómo

Marriott redesign its hotel rooms and desks [reading]

Re-thinking the desk in hotel room… Good one !   Because millennials tend to live out of their suitcases, Marriott made its bathrooms larger and its closets smaller. The hotel chain also began removing desks from its rooms supposedly because millennials tend to work from their smartphones and laptops.   Who knew? It turns out millennials actually do

Platforms are disrupting businesses [reading]

Great article about how platform models are disrupting businesses. Necessary reading for all internet entrepreneurs.     Platforms are a powerful disruptive force     [reading] is a serie of posts offering a selection of interesting articles we share with our readers.

It’s time to break free from the office ! [reading]

Calling all companies to break the office space and give freedom to employees ? We couldn’t say it better ! We need to be prepared and able to work remotely. Being able to work from home or anywhere shouldn’t be within the skill set of just freelancers and some employees. They should be within everyone’s

Demand for Freelancers is booming, here´s why [reading]

Remote working, Freelancers, gig economy, this article has all the keywords ! With the world becoming networked, organisations of any size and scale can attract the best talent from across the globe Here’s why freelancers are in great demand     [reading] is a serie of posts offering a selection of interesting articles we